Our Services


Our firm understands the need for prompt and efficient property transfers and legal administration. As a result, our team is well-versed in all the relevant processes and can offer you sound advice in dealing with the following related services:

  1. Property transfers
  2. Bond- registrations and cancellations
  3. Sectional Titles
  4. Developments
  5. Township matters
  6. Deeds of sale


The law requires certain documents to be compiled and attested by a qualified notary. Our firm offers notarial services for the following documentation:

  1. Servitudes
  2. Notarial Bond registrations and cancellations
  3. Antenuptial Agreements


Our aim is, quite simply, to ease your company or small businesses’ legal processes in order for your business to prosper and grow.
While Viljoen & Wagner is a specialist Conveyancing and Notarial Practice, we are also equipped to navigate various legal business procedures and decisions for our clients. Our knowledge and experience in modern South African commercial and company law empowers our firm with all the necessary know-how to aid your small business or corporation in processes of transformation, restructuring, human resources practices, and other specific contracts and agreements.


The legal process of estate administration can be both complex and lengthy, as all debtors, creditors and beneficiaries have to be established and verified. Viljoen & Wagner is not only an expert legal firm; our directors and staff also understand the human element often involved in legal processes, which is why we handle Deceased Estates with the utmost care and sensitivity. Our goal is to manage and finalise these procedures as timeously as possible, and avoid unnecessary delays.


trust is one of the most tax-friendly and flexible ways in which you can manage your estate. Trusts have various functions, and can assist in protecting and preserving your assets and wealth for future generations, or for whoever you deem to be your beneficiaries. We can help you to establish a personalised, tailor-made trust to benefit your family and/or other beneficiaries, depending on your individual needs and requirements.